snow day (no equipment needed) workout + playlist

Well friends, we finally have the winter snow storm we've all been waiting for! School and work are dismissing and you're mentally checking out, daydreaming about which show to binge watch while becoming 'one with the couch' for the rest of the day. 


Let's earn those glasses of pinot and miscellaneous snacks about to be ingested. 

I give you 5 simple bodyweight exercises with variations + 1 minute each + 3 rounds + a playlist = 20 minute' NO EXCUSE NOT TO DO' workout .    


1. R1. Squat 
   R2. Super Slow Wide Leg Squat (4-4 count) 
   R3. Squat Hops 

2. R1. Push-up
    R2. Push-up w Alternate Shoulder Taps 
    R3. Inversion Push-up (toes on elevated surface, optional) 

3. R1. Alternate Reverse Lunge
    R2. Super Slow Alternate Reverse Lunge (4-4 count) 
    R3. Reverse Lunge with Hops 

4. R1. Jumping Jacks
    R2. High Knees
    R2. Wide Leg Jumping Jacks

5. R1. Low Plank Hold (forearms)
    R2. Low Plank Hold w Alternate Knee to Elbow Tap
    R3. Walking Low Plank to High Plank 

Put it in Action:

Set a timer for 1 minute of work and 10-20 seconds rest for 3 rounds ( is my favorite). Complete all exercises listed under R1, then R2 and finally R3. Rest for 1 minute in between.

Use the RPE Scale (rate of perceived exertion) below to measure the targeted workload for each round.  

Round 1: RPE 5-6 

Round 2: RPE 6-7

Round 3: RPE 8-9

Cool down and proceed to RPE 1


"Let it snow, let it snow...."