While I'm away workout

I'm off to the IDEA PT Conference in D.C. for the remainder of the week and couldn't be more excited! The rest of my week consists of 16+ hours in a car with one of my favorite people (Kristen McAuliffe), 30+ hours of continuing education (from fascia, to shoulders, to TRX and beyond) and probably an even ratio of apples to wine intake, no need to get into numbers  here.  

Be sure to follow my personal Instagram account (nicole.leisen.pt) as well as It's Working Out's (itsworkingouttrx) to track Kristen and my adventures throughout the week!  

I would never leave my clients hangin' for 5 days, so I leave you with a workout. Hop to it!


Dumbbells (weights heavy enough to fatigue your muscles aka "feel the burn" by the last few reps)

Reps: 15-20

Rounds: 2-3


a) Forward Raise (keep arms straight, lift no higher than shoulder height)
b) Bicep Curl
c) Double Hand Overhead Tricep Press (Keep elbows over shoulders)

a) Wide Leg Plie Squat (toes angle out)
b) Step Up Lunge (on an elevated, stable surface-step, bench, chair)
c) Curtsey Lunge (cross-back lunge) 

(combine upper and lower together)
a) Wide Leg Plie Squat w Forward Raise
b) Step Up Lunge w Bicep Curl 
c) Curtsy Lunge w Overhead Tricep Press

Put It In Action:

Complete all upper body exercises, then all lower body exercises and finish with all combo exercises for 15-20 reps each. Repeat 1-2 more times. 

*Keep tall posture, belly into spine to incorporate core work into each of these exercises*