What to expect from your first Outdoor Bootcamp

The term "BOOTCAMP" can be intimidating and may leave several questions and frightening images (like below) floating through the mind. 

Here are some common questions that have 'popped-up' (see what I did there) as I have been announcing the camps, both from individuals who have attended a bootcamp style class and those who have not. Hopefully I can debunk any leary thoughts that may be floating around about bootcamp or simply provide more detailed information from start to finish as what to expect when attending my POP-UP OUTDOOR BOOTCAMP for the first time. Here we go!

Where do I park? Parallel parking is available for free either on Adams Crossing outside the fire station or on Pete Rose Way (layout on image below, sorry for bringing back the snow). We wait for everyone to arrive (don't be late!), newbies sign waivers, I collect payment ($15), then everyone grabs a piece of equipment and we jog to the park together. GO TEAM. 

What should I bring? Water, appropriate workout gear for the weather (layers are always great), a towel as the weather heats up and a yoga mat. What if I don't have a yoga mat? Not a problem. I have 4 and will share, but I recommend picking one up eventually. They are CHEAP at places like T.J. Max. 

What type of exercises will we be doing? Class will provide a total body workout consisting of a variety of safe and effective exercises. For a more detailed description click here.  

I haven't worked out in months, am I going to dieeee? No, you will not, and I guarantee you will leave much more energized than when you first pull up. The class is open to all fitness levels. I will provide modifications and challenges to accommodate everyone. Will you be sore? Probably, but in a good way. 

Is this for dudes? YES. Dudes, get there! 

I don't know anyone else participating, will I feel left behind? NO WAY. Everyone who attends is on the same page, whether first time or frequent flyer. Together we will work hard, sweat, smile, breath heavy and laugh (a lot). In sum, attending my Outdoor Bootcamps will guarantee you a kick a$$ workout and a great time with awesome people! "It only took one time to know that this is where I wanted to be and these were the people I wanted to be around." Lindsey.

See, look at these 'Happy Campers' POST bootcamp....CHEESE!

Now, give it a whirl, see you at Sawyer Point!

Click on the links below to register:
4/3 11AM Class

4/3 5:30PM Class