2016 POP-UP Park Workout Kick-OFF + PBC Recipe

There are 0 complaints here in Cincinnati, OH on this WINTER day. Today kicked-off the first POP-UP Outdoor Workout of the 2016 season and it.. was.. PERFECT! The sun was shining and the outdoor temps were rising as quickly as our heart rates (ok, that's an exaggeration, but the weather was amazing). 

In addition to the perfect conditions, I can't say enough about the amazing team of people who show up to my workouts. Without them, these wouldn't be nearly half as cool as they are, so, THANK YOU to all that attended for being you, being #beastmode and for making my job so awesome! :)


After being put through the gauntlet for about 45 minutes, I couldn't let these guys go unrewarded for their hard work (on a Sunday morning). CPB (Chia Peanut Butter) treats were enjoyed by all and now everyone is off to enjoy some guilty pleasures, guilt-free, for their Superbowl Parties tonight. 

CPB Recipe

4C steel cut oats
1/2C unsweetened coconut
1 TBS cinnamon
3/4C chia seeds
1.5C crunchy peanut butter
3/4C unsweetened cranberries

blend all these ingredients together, mold together in approx 1.5 inch balls, freeze
I made 13 with these portions