MFC Wrap-UP!

The 31 days of March and the MFC-full of workouts, movement, meal prep, clean eats, no sweets, ditching bad habits, rewarding yourself with drinks (yep), tracking points, competing for prizes and much more have come to an end, the winners have been announced and everyone is back to their lives (hopefully carrying some of the MFC good stuff with them). March seriously kicked some serious a$$! I am so proud and humbled by all the participants dedication to themselves, the others competing in the challenge and myself. You all took on (and CRUSHED) the MFC!

THANK YOU all a million times over! 

I'm sure by now you all are sick of hearing me blab about the "awesomeness" of the MFC and everyone involved, so here is a wrap-up based on information, pictures and quotes from the participants themselves during and post challenge, ENJOY!


Top 3 Areas the MFC Helped Participants Focus On:
1)Eating Better
2)Dropping a Bad Habit, and Keeping it Off
3) Increased Overall Activity Level (cardio specifically)

Top 3 Most Noticeable Benefits:
1)Weight Loss
2)More Energy
3)Toned Up

a few quotes of success:
"I feel so much more lean"
"I stopped drinking diet coke for the first time in 20+ years"
"my digestive issues are gone"
"sparked my desire to workout again"
"my daily energy level is through the roof"
"I never thought I would be able to drink so much water"
"I lost 7lbs" "I lost 6lbs" "I lost 5lbs" "I lost 4 lbs"
"I am overall much more happy with myself"
"this is effective my whole family for the better"


JUNE FITNESS CHALLENGE (JFC) beginning June 1st!!!

stay tuned for more details for the next challenge to get us transitioned into summer, but first, let's enjoy spring ;)