Aisle Ready Shape Up with Cincy Weddings by Maura

Last week I got together with Maura from Cincy Wedding's by Maura to join in on her YouTube series, "Happily Ever After with Maura" to bring a little movin' and shakin' to her all her beautiful brides with an "Aisle Ready Shape Up" workout! 


3 Total Body Exercises to focus on shoulders, back & arms to rock out that dress+ sleek, strong core & legs + heart pumping cardio to crush cals during and after your workout is complete! 

Equipment Needed:

8-12 lb DB’s, yoga mat 

The Moves:

1) SL Hip Hinge + Row + Reverse Fly

2) Lying Overhead Pullover + SL Hip Lift

3) Bicep Curl + Reverse Lunge + Forward Raise

**BURPEES (+push-up)**

Let's Move!

Complete 12-15R of each exercise on your L side, then R side & repeat 3-4 Rounds

**Don’t forget, 20 reps of the cardio exercise after each round**



If you are recently engaged and are looking for the best of the best in the planning process, Maura is your gal! Check her out