Guilt-Free Dill 'Sauce'

The Story:

I set out for ingredients to make a guilt-free ranch dip to go with an assortment of veggies for Thanksgiving pre-gaming/Thanksgiving dinner plate fillers to try to save myself from the deep depths known as the Thanksgiving coma.

Long story short. I freestyled this concoction with inspo from a few different "healthy ranch" recipes and lets be honest, it turned out mediocre at best. With thoughts of withdrawing the dip from my Thanksgiving offering, I couldn't stand the thought of wasting such quality ingredients (whole pack of fresh dill!?), so I placed this in the fridge and went about my day. 

Fast forward to 6 hours later. Taste tested the dip AND ITS FABULOUS! 

Fast forward to Thanksgiving lunch. I walk into the kitchen to a room full of people RAVING over the dip. 


Refrigerate for at least 4 hours before serving. Keep Chilled. 

-This is solid enough to be a great dip for veggies, pita bread/chips, but is also runny enough (and wonderful) drizzled over fish or chicken or even as a salad dressing! 


3 C whole milk, plain greek yogurt

3 Tbs. EVOO

1 heaping Tbs. onion powder

1 heaping Tbs garlic powder

1 container fresh dill (Kroger organic baby dill)

1 tbs freeze dried dill 

few shakes sea salt and black pepper 


-combine all ingredients except the EVOO in food processor 

-once ingredients well blended, add in EVOO 1 tbs at a time

-cover in container in fridge for at least 4 hours before serving 

-keep chilled!