January Fitness Challenge-BLAST!

We are all guilty of being a little extra during the holidays. Extra dessert, extra green bean casserole, extra large wine pours, extra refills-,extra parties, extra Netflix & chill, extra sedentariness, extra tight pants-WE GET IT! The holidays are a glorious, happy time with all the extras, but it's time to shift the story-extra veggies, extra steps, extra movement-you get the point! 

Join us for a JFC-BLAST-- a 15 day, post-holiday reset! The rules will be in-line with a typical fitness challenge, but it's going to be just a little EXTRA! 15 days of focusing on YOU, getting back on track, STAYING on track and starting 2018 off to set you up for your healthiest year yet! 

15 day BLAST Includes:

-Guided Clean Eating-

-NEW Clean Lean Recipes- 

-4 Workouts-

-tips for de-puffing (yes, please)-

-miles challenge (30, 45, 60-you choose your goal)-

-MAJOR accountability, encouragement, motivation and all the GOOD VIBES to be successful-

-closed group for extra support from me and your peers-

-tips and tricks to stay on track during & after the challenge- 

-much, much more!-

$25. Challenge begins on JANUARY 2nd! Please indicate your miles goal when registering.  

Sign up below! 

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