NFC Recipe Inspo + Recipe Teaser (Wasabi Salsa)

The past few months I have been dining out a little more than usual. Some places new, some old, some out of town, but no matter how "healthy" or "clean" restaurant food may seem, it is always laden with a little more sodium, fatty oils, sugar, etc, etc than we need.

As I have been eating my way around, I've been taking note of dishes that I have especially loved, BUT to make at home with a little less added 'not-so-good-for-you' ingredients while still achieving a similar great taste. 

So, this has lead to my inspo to the NFC menu...

Truly all around nutritious, healthy and oh, so delicious restaurant inspired dishes!

This will include everything from fish dishes to sides to desserts and I can not wait to share!

A recipe I have been dreaming extra hard about, 'Wasabi Salsa' from TAO in Las Vegas I had last weekend and literally did everything besides lick the actual plate to finish every last drop. I was thinking up how this could be made just as tasty, but without all the added sodium I certainly felt as I was waking up in the middle of the night to chug all the water I could get my hands on.




-4 tomatoes

-1 red onion

-1 jalapeño 

-2 tbs minced garlic

-handful cilantro

-1 green pepper

-2 tbs wasabi paste

-2 tbs basil paste

-1 tbs light sodium soy sauce 

dice all veggies and herbs & mix all ingredients together.


This is SO diverse! 

-corn chips/cucumbers for dipping

-add on salmon or white fish filet

-garnish tacos 

Try it out.

Share your creative combos to enjoy this delicious salsa!