The holiday season for most of us means extra parties, extra food, extra booze, extra busy & extra sweet treats; repeat, repeat, repeat.

Let's toss all those excuses aside, avoid doing those extra squats and lunges trying to get into our jeans this holiday season and instead, grab your peers and be proactive with a fun, interactive FITNESS CHALLENGE for the month of NOVEMBER! 

Accountability and interaction with peers will be taken to the next level for November- I know I can use as much of this as possible! Participants will be divided into private FB groups no larger than 12 to share every high, low, success, snuggle--you name it-- during the NFC(2). Yes, you can request to be in the same group as your friends :) 

Join me, grab your friends/fam/coworkers in and/or out of town & let's roll into the holidays looking and feeling our best ever! 

November Fitness Challenge Deets:

-kick-off EVENT for all challenge participants on Monday, November 6th, 7-8:30pm at The Frock-

--event includes: 30 minute total body workout + Q&A with Dietician, Laura Dilz focusing on pre/post workout food to get the most out of your workout, how to structure meals to optimize metabolism and avoid getting hangry and the #1 thing you can do to stay on track throughout the entire challenge + post workout snack & cocktails--

-weekly based challenges focused on eating 'clean', water intake, miles moved & strength workouts

-point tracker

-pre-set schedule of all challenges for the month sent 3 days prior to start date (for my planners)

-weekly cardio workouts compatible for ALL cardio forms

   -easy to follow weekly total body workouts complete with video/pics  

-guided clean eating weekly challenges w. meal suggestions and recipes for all meals

-specific (yet, attainable) challenges on and surrounding Turkey Day

-MAJOR motivation, support and accountability from me and your fellow challengers
-prizes awarded to challenge winners!!

**participate in 2 races (5k,10k,etc). Walk, jog, run--whatever you choose. There are many opportunities for organized races in November, I will offer a list of races as well as ones that are convenient for challengers to meet up at/race together**

NFC(2) : $40
Fill out the form below with any questions or to register!

--if you live out of town or are unable to attend the Kick-off Event, no worries! We will send all of the valuable information discuss and materials handed out right to your inbox--

When you register please let me know the following:

Able/not able to attend the Kick-Off Event on Monday, 11/6 at 7pm

Which milage level are you participating in?

-Level 1- 60 miles (choose if it's your first time or you log under 10 mies per week)

-Level 2-75 miles- (choose if you log btw 10-15 miles per week)

-Level 3-90 miles-(choose if you are training for a half/full marathon)

Name *