One Pan Asparagus, Bean + Sweet Potato -- MFC2 Recipe Teaser!

This was an "empty the fridge/use the veggies before they go bad" creation that was just SO RIGHT! This will be a recipe on the MFC2 menu. For many, many more delicious, simple and SO RIGHT recipes to go along with guided clean eating, like this one,  sign up for The March Fitness Challenge!!! 


1 large sweet potato cut into small, imperfect cubes

15 stalks of asparagus cut in half

1 carton of bella mushrooms

1 can navy beans (rinsed and drained)

6 shakes of sea salt

several shakes of black pepper (to taste)

3 tbs EVOO


Blend all of the above in a large pan

heat oven to 400 degree

bake for approx 30-45 mins (depending of your like of crispy) 



makes approx 4 servings