Sunday FUNday Outdoor Workout + PB Chia Chocolate Protein Ball Recipe!


WHAT: This special Sunday FUNday hour workout will have just what you need to end your weekend right and kick off the week ahead.  Class will consist of approx 35 mins. of Total Body HIIT (high intensity interval training) for a serious calorie blast and all over toning followed by 15 minutes of dynamic and passive stretching to open up, release and wind down. Basically, give me serious BEAST MODE for about 35 minutes and then reward those hard working bodies with much needed LOVE (focused stretching). 

 WHERE: Taft High School Athletic Complex (turf football field/bleacher area)
420 Ezzard Charles Dr. Cincinnati, OH 45214

When: Sunday, May 3 @ 4:00pm 

Cost: $15 at arrival, all payment methods accepted. 



Makes 15 servings 

 16 oz. peanut butter 
2.5 c. homemade oats
8 tbs. chia seeds
1 c unsweetened cranberries
1.5 oz VEGA chocolate protein 

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl with a fork (this is a workout in itself) 
Shape into 1 inch diameter balls (15)
Freeze for an hour before eating; keep extras frozen

NUTRITIONAL INFO (per serving):
Approx 250 cals
Excellent source of protein, fiber, potassium, iron and B6

**I didn't actually snap any pictures of these bad boys being whipped up or the finish product because I was running around like a mad woman before Friday's Bootcamp, BUT here is photo evidence of the ladies from class ENJOYING them after (no, I didn't threaten them with burpees to pretend to like them ;)) 

Super Easy Orzo : Meatless Monday Recipe

Here it is folks, a super easy and quick recipe to prepare for Meatless Monday, or any day, that is approx 300 cals and loaded with nutrients.  Not to mention, it's delicious! Recipe below serves 2. 

 Instructions :

Combine all ingredients sans orzo in a skillet and allow to simmer covered on medium heat. In the meantime, cook orzo according to instructions on the bag. Once the orzo is ready combine with other ingredients in skillet and continue to cook covered for approx 5 minutes, then remove the lid for an additional 5 minutes on the stove top. Serve and eat!

Ingredients :
2 servings of Orzo ( I used organic whole wheat from Delallo brand)
3 HUGE Handfuls of dark leafy greens (I used spinach, arugula, kale)
2 Tbs. of minced garlic
1.5 c of mushrooms
Tbs. cilantro
1 Tbs olive oil
Crushed Red Pepper to spice liking
Few shakes of sea salt



What to expect from your first Outdoor Bootcamp

The term "BOOTCAMP" can be intimidating and may leave several questions and frightening images (like below) floating through the mind. 

Here are some common questions that have 'popped-up' (see what I did there) as I have been announcing the camps, both from individuals who have attended a bootcamp style class and those who have not. Hopefully I can debunk any leary thoughts that may be floating around about bootcamp or simply provide more detailed information from start to finish as what to expect when attending my POP-UP OUTDOOR BOOTCAMP for the first time. Here we go!

Where do I park? Parallel parking is available for free either on Adams Crossing outside the fire station or on Pete Rose Way (layout on image below, sorry for bringing back the snow). We wait for everyone to arrive (don't be late!), newbies sign waivers, I collect payment ($15), then everyone grabs a piece of equipment and we jog to the park together. GO TEAM. 

What should I bring? Water, appropriate workout gear for the weather (layers are always great), a towel as the weather heats up and a yoga mat. What if I don't have a yoga mat? Not a problem. I have 4 and will share, but I recommend picking one up eventually. They are CHEAP at places like T.J. Max. 

What type of exercises will we be doing? Class will provide a total body workout consisting of a variety of safe and effective exercises. For a more detailed description click here.  

I haven't worked out in months, am I going to dieeee? No, you will not, and I guarantee you will leave much more energized than when you first pull up. The class is open to all fitness levels. I will provide modifications and challenges to accommodate everyone. Will you be sore? Probably, but in a good way. 

Is this for dudes? YES. Dudes, get there! 

I don't know anyone else participating, will I feel left behind? NO WAY. Everyone who attends is on the same page, whether first time or frequent flyer. Together we will work hard, sweat, smile, breath heavy and laugh (a lot). In sum, attending my Outdoor Bootcamps will guarantee you a kick a$$ workout and a great time with awesome people! "It only took one time to know that this is where I wanted to be and these were the people I wanted to be around." Lindsey.

See, look at these 'Happy Campers' POST bootcamp....CHEESE!

Now, give it a whirl, see you at Sawyer Point!

Click on the links below to register:
4/3 11AM Class

4/3 5:30PM Class



While I'm away workout

I'm off to the IDEA PT Conference in D.C. for the remainder of the week and couldn't be more excited! The rest of my week consists of 16+ hours in a car with one of my favorite people (Kristen McAuliffe), 30+ hours of continuing education (from fascia, to shoulders, to TRX and beyond) and probably an even ratio of apples to wine intake, no need to get into numbers  here.  

Be sure to follow my personal Instagram account ( as well as It's Working Out's (itsworkingouttrx) to track Kristen and my adventures throughout the week!  

I would never leave my clients hangin' for 5 days, so I leave you with a workout. Hop to it!


Dumbbells (weights heavy enough to fatigue your muscles aka "feel the burn" by the last few reps)

Reps: 15-20

Rounds: 2-3


a) Forward Raise (keep arms straight, lift no higher than shoulder height)
b) Bicep Curl
c) Double Hand Overhead Tricep Press (Keep elbows over shoulders)

a) Wide Leg Plie Squat (toes angle out)
b) Step Up Lunge (on an elevated, stable surface-step, bench, chair)
c) Curtsey Lunge (cross-back lunge) 

(combine upper and lower together)
a) Wide Leg Plie Squat w Forward Raise
b) Step Up Lunge w Bicep Curl 
c) Curtsy Lunge w Overhead Tricep Press

Put It In Action:

Complete all upper body exercises, then all lower body exercises and finish with all combo exercises for 15-20 reps each. Repeat 1-2 more times. 

*Keep tall posture, belly into spine to incorporate core work into each of these exercises*


Snow Day #2 JAMS

Did anyone else walk out the door this morning totally shocked to see their car drowning in a huge snow 'fro? I certainly did. I guess I should start incorporating  'looking out the window' into my 5:00am morning routine.  

In the meantime, while the Cincinnati roadways get their ish together I've put together a 50-minute workout playlist complete with warm up and cool down. So, pump up the volume on these JAMS, hit the gym (drive safe!), bundle up and play, run, jump in the snow or bounce around the house if you must-BREAK THE CABIN FEVER! 


What are your favorite booty shakin', squat pumping, 'I am kicking some serious a$$ right now' tunes?! I would LOVE to know, comment below to share! 

snow day (no equipment needed) workout + playlist

Well friends, we finally have the winter snow storm we've all been waiting for! School and work are dismissing and you're mentally checking out, daydreaming about which show to binge watch while becoming 'one with the couch' for the rest of the day. 


Let's earn those glasses of pinot and miscellaneous snacks about to be ingested. 

I give you 5 simple bodyweight exercises with variations + 1 minute each + 3 rounds + a playlist = 20 minute' NO EXCUSE NOT TO DO' workout .    


1. R1. Squat 
   R2. Super Slow Wide Leg Squat (4-4 count) 
   R3. Squat Hops 

2. R1. Push-up
    R2. Push-up w Alternate Shoulder Taps 
    R3. Inversion Push-up (toes on elevated surface, optional) 

3. R1. Alternate Reverse Lunge
    R2. Super Slow Alternate Reverse Lunge (4-4 count) 
    R3. Reverse Lunge with Hops 

4. R1. Jumping Jacks
    R2. High Knees
    R2. Wide Leg Jumping Jacks

5. R1. Low Plank Hold (forearms)
    R2. Low Plank Hold w Alternate Knee to Elbow Tap
    R3. Walking Low Plank to High Plank 

Put it in Action:

Set a timer for 1 minute of work and 10-20 seconds rest for 3 rounds ( is my favorite). Complete all exercises listed under R1, then R2 and finally R3. Rest for 1 minute in between.

Use the RPE Scale (rate of perceived exertion) below to measure the targeted workload for each round.  

Round 1: RPE 5-6 

Round 2: RPE 6-7

Round 3: RPE 8-9

Cool down and proceed to RPE 1


"Let it snow, let it snow...."

Slow Cooker Kale Chicken Soup

This started out as a "clean out the fridge & toss in the crock pot" meal prep, but it turned out so delicious and is SO incredibly easy to prepare I had to share.  It's loaded with vitamins, high protein, low in sugar and calories and not much tastes better at the end of a long, cold day than a warm bowl of soup ready to eat.  AMIRIGHT?! 


8 c low sodium chicken broth
1 lb. free range chicken breasts
approx 6 c kale
1 can organic cannelleni beans-rinse
1 c baby bella mushrooms
1 c chopped green onion (scallions)
2 tbs olive oil
3 tbs minced garlic
2 tbs pepper
1 tsp thyme


Toss all ingredients in the crock pot (spices last), stir, turn on low heat setting, cook for 6-8 hours (shred chicken at some point once tender), go about your day, return and...dinner is served! Refrigerate leftovers and enjoy all week. Makes approx 8 servings. 

Nutritional Info (based roughly on 8 servings):

Cals: 220
Sugar: 1g
Fat: 7g
Protein: 26g
Vitamin A: 160%
Vitamin C: 106%
Iron: 14%



training recovery + no bake recipes

It's my first blog post, whoop whoop!  By popular demand, I give you....drum roll....the recipe for my no bake, (insert cool name) bars! (pictured as pile-o-mash below) These were mixed and compressed into a delicious snack and handed out to everyone I trained the day they were made. Needless to say, they were a hit. Before we get to the good stuff, let me explain the rhyme and reason behind these tasty treats; TRAINING RECOVERY


Training recovery is the rest period between strength workout sessions.

IT IS SO IMPORTANT. Why? This is the time your muscles repair and recover. It is an essential period in order achieve optimal exercise performance in your next session and to reduce overuse injuries. 

3 key steps in recovery:
1. 48-hours of REST (in accordance with ACSM guidelines) 
2. DRINK, DRINK, DRINK (water, of course)
3. Protein + carb post-workout (within approx 2 hours)

....and that leads us into, RECIPE TIME!

#1 : No bake (insert cool name) bars---prize for coolest name suggestion. 
-homemade oats, 2 heaping cups
-natural peanut butter (only peanuts), 1 cup
-cinnamon, 2 tablespoons 
-honey, 2 tablespoons
-blueberry flax seed (Trader Joe's), 2 heaping tablespoons
-unsweetened coconut, 1/2 cup

Mix all ingredients together until thick, sticky consistency, spread out with utensil (I used a large spoon) approx 1/4 inches thick throughout on a large plate or pan, freeze 1-2 hours. 

#2 : Imitation Lara bars (dates and banana as base). 
-dates, 8oz package
-bananas, 2 large (ripe)
-chia seed, 1/4 cup
-cashews, 1/4 cup
-cacao nibs, 1/4 cup 

Blend dates, bananas and cashews in blender or food processor. Return ingredients to bowl and add remaining ingredients. Stir until thick, sticky consistency, spread out with utensil (I used a large spoon) approx 1/4 inches thick throughout on a large plate or pan, freeze 2+ hours.


Freeze, cut into small, non-perfect squares, share or keep to yourself. Freeze extras until it's time to break back into the batch.