“After my pregnancies, my hips were a mess with arthritis and bone spurs. I was in pain all the time. My job as a wedding photographer is physical, and I couldn’t do workouts that I was used to doing because of the pain. 

“I came to Nicole’s class with a friend about 6 months ago and never stopped.  I had been on a long stretch of cardio-only workouts and needed something new to work on my upper body and core, and this was the perfect “fit”!  A great balance of TRX training, kettle bells and floor exercises was exactly what I needed to round out my workout regiment. Nicole’s training style and community that she has formed will keep me coming back!” -Vince Czepukaitis

“I embarked on my health journey with Nicole 6 months ago after my doctors recommended I restart an exercise routine after years of having been told to “take it easy” due to #Dysautonomia and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (#EDS). Living with these conditions requires me to be extra careful with exercises that put pressure on my joints (I can dislocate more easily) and to monitor my heart rate while exercising (my Dysautonomia causes my heart to beat faster than normal). I was nervous at first jumping into a group class, but shared my concerns with Nicole upfront and her support and encouragement from the beginning has been amazing. I can control how much I push myself and can alter the exercises depending on how I’m feeling- I can adjust how much weight I use, my angles and resistance. I stayed away from gyms for years, but I feel safe at NLPTF and love the atmosphere. With time, I have built my endurance up and attend class 5X a week, have lost 18 lbs, have been able to lower my heart medication, can do actual pushups and am working towards the best version of me that for several years I had lost. Thank you Nicole for literally helping me regain my health and making my heart happy!!” -Patricia Cahue

“Getting up at 5:15AM is never an easy task, but when you go to bed actually looking forward to your morning workout it makes it easier. I’ve spent the past year trying to find where I fit in in this group fitness world in Cincinnati. I can happily say Nicole’s class is just that! Not only do I enjoy the workout, but I’ve seen major changes in my body since joining. Nicole’s classes are challenging, exciting and her playlist is 🔥. You know it’s good when you convince your fiancé to join you for class. Can’t wait to see our results a few months from now!” -Layla Hinton

“I started working out with Nicole about a year ago after feeling a bit of guilt as my wife was training with Nicole for a while (sometimes in our basement when I was sleeping). Eventually, I realized that I needed to jump in and start my health journey. I have always been athletic person, playing soccer throughout my life, but after the first couple of workouts with Nicole I realized just how far off the wagon I had fallen. Nicole was able to help pick me up and get me back into great shape and we still have more to work on. The thing that I love about NLPTF is that no matter your level of fitness you can get a great workout in her classes. TRX allows you to challenge yourself as much as you want with different angles and Nicole helps you by giving simple modifications to make a movement easier or harder. The community she has built has also been great accountability for me. I can’t thank Nicole enough for helping me on my fitness journey!” -John Marth

“TRX with Nicole has been life changing. It sounds cheesy, but it’s true. I have been in sports my whole life and have tried every workout you could think of, but nothing works me out like Nicole’s classes!  I love that I can modify if my hips are particularly sore that day without having to stop, and I love that I can push myself by increasing my angles. The strength and flexibility I’ve gained keep my pain in check and I’ve never felt stronger! Besides the physical side, NLPT has done wonders for my mental health. I have struggled a lot with anxiety through out the years. The endorphins from working out in a studio with such a positive atmosphere has made me noticeably healthier mentally, too. I just started in January but NLPT already feels like home!” -Megan Noll

“I began my fitness journey with Nicole during the summer of 2017, just a few months out from my wedding. Not only did she help me in losing weight and inches, but she helped me gain strength and confidence! I participated in my first challenge with her the month before my wedding and haven't missed one since. They are great resets to help get me back on track with clean eating and we continue to utilize all of the recipes to date. I have continued to work out with Nicole since the summer of '17 through personal training sessions and most recently through her group fitness classes (usually 4x per week!). They are fun, challenging, and intimate with a fantastic group of people! I've even convinced my husband to join me in the classes! I can't begin to thank Nicole enough for all she has done for me and can't wait to continue my fitness and health journey at NLPTF” -Ashley Marth

“I started working out for the typical reasons, I was overweight and not active. I quickly learned of the usual benefits, more motivation, better appearance and loosing weight. Now, I am fully committed to a healthy, active lifestyle that provides all the great mental benefits as well. I use my motivation and energy as part of a full day worth of exercise, work and play. It allows me to sleep better thus allowing for more productive days! Plus, I can engage in the occasional “bad food” days and not worry!  Thank you Nicole!” -Kevin Jones

“Nicole has helped me improve overall mobility, strength & balance after loosing it from a broken ankle. As a result of the improvements she gently pushed me toward in my ankle, I’ve been able to transfer that movement & strength and challenge myself to a more toned and overall flexible body.  This has greatly impacted my life and I feel great!  I can’t thank her enough.” - Mary Keller

“I began my fitness journey at NLPTF in January after loosing a bunch of weight changing my diet, I wanted to start a new exercise routine to improve my overall health. I had not regularly exercised in a few years and that first TRX class was almost my last. It was so challenging for this out of shape 52 year old as I used muscles I didn’t even know I had. However, Nicole and my friends in the class encouraged me not to quit. Since then, I have attended class 1-3x per week as my schedule permits. I can honestly say I have never felt better. TRX provides the right balance of strength, core, fitness and flexibility training. It’s helped me keep the weight off and improve my overall physique. I can now make full turns on my golf swing! Thanks Nicole for being such a great teacher and motivator!” -Chris Snyder

“My journey started in January when I was invited to a private class where I was expecting to have an overwhelming amount of fear I couldn’t keep up!! However, this was not the case as not only is Nicole a great instructor, she is a tremendous motivator. I have noticed a huge difference in such a short amount of time, including energy and strength. Each class brings a new challenge and I have found myself no longer dreading a workout, but excited to attend! I’m looking forward to the continued results and can’t thank Nicole enough for the support!” -Megan Ossenbeck

“I started my fitness journey at NLPTF when I was about 7 weeks postpartum. TRX was the perfect workout to get me back on track after giving birth because I was able to modify any of the exercises that I needed while still getting a killer workout. Thanks to the various class times, I’ve been able to squeeze in several workouts a week. I’m now almost 5.5 months postpartum and feelings more energized and stronger every day!” -Maura Bassman

“I started working out with Nicole a year ago with the hopes of getting into a fitness routine. I had been on and off again working out at a sports club for years, but never felt accountable, accomplished, or successful and the results showed it. Nicole built into me that my health journey was important and that I had to be intentional about it. We started personal training 2 or 3x a week and I instantly started feeling better about myself and ultimately started feeling better overall. I am now in a place where I personal train 1-day per week and take 2 Group Classes at her Studio. The personal training session helps me work on technique and ways to keep improving while the group class environment has a great atmosphere which pushes me to work even harder. There have been so many rewards that keep on coming since I started this health journey and it has been incredible to discover how much my body loves this movement & eating right! While it is great to hear compliments from people who notice the change, it was even nicer to go and pick up a custom suit that was fitted only 2 months ago and it was too big. My tailor thought he had measured wrong! I could have never achieved these results on my own and I could not feel more accountable, accomplished, and part of a great health community than what I do with NLPTF.”-Jamie Smith

“I was lucky enough to be invited to a private class at Nicole’s studio back in January & was instantly hooked! The use of the TRX was challenging and worked areas I’ve never worked before. What's even better is the classes are small enough that you still get the personal training experience! My main goal was to get toned and after just three months, I’ve already noticed a difference— and so have others! In addition to consistently attending class, practicing aspects from The March Fitness Challenge such as drinking more water, eating healthier and staying active throughout the week have not only made me look better, but FEEL better too! Plus, I’m no longer doing a dance in the morning to get into my jeans. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!” -Jessica Sandoval

“I’ve been going to NLPTF’s TRX classes for 3 months & I’ve never worked so hard or sweat so much! I’d never push myself as hard as they push us which is one of the things I love most about the classes. I’ve also met a lot of great people, so now I feel guilty missing a class knowing the others will be there without me. In addition to loosing inches & the great community, my endurance is much higher than it’s ever been which has helped a ton with running & daily life activities. It’s been a lot of hard work, but definitely worth it in every way!” -Lori Salzarulo

“Nicole is a terrific trainer who varies exercises to get results. She motivates you and keeps things interesting while addressing everything to keep you healthy. I couldn’t have done this without her!” -Lisa Lee

“I’m feeling stronger, more energized, and more confident another non-scale victory: actually being excited about 5:45 am workouts!! Love TRX with Nicole!!” -Kelli Perkins

"Few things in life are more personal than finding the right personal trainer. When you finally do, it's like winning the grand prize at the church festival. Nicole's persistence has kept me not only goal focused, but committed to our 3x/week early morning routine. She has given me a new attitude and drive to get and stay healthy. I make proper diet choices and look forward to our sessions. Along with loosing 27 lbs., my cholesterol has gone from 300 to less than 200 and I no longer need to take blood pressure medication. I'm feeling fantastic and am healthier than ever. I'm looking forward to our continued partnership and continued positive results!" - Doug Keller

"I've seen amazing results since I started working with Nicole. I have never felt healthier or stronger. Nicole helped me achieve my ideal wedding physique, I was able to drop inches within months and felt beautiful on my wedding day. She is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her easy going , friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Nicole will lead you every step of the way."  -Dana Stein Ede

"I've worked with Nicole over 2 years and cannot imagine going a week without a session with her! In addition to being incredibly professional and knowledgeable, she holds me accountable. Nicole keeps my workouts exciting and challenging despite my old (and some new) injuries and is always willing to communicate with me between sessions to help me stay on track whether it's about training goals or sharing a recipe. She genuinely cares about her client's success. I feel honored to be able to call her my trainer and friend." -Erin Thompson

"Personal training sessions are the only thing that has worked for me to keep up a regular, committed exercise routine. When we first met I told Nicole my goal was to have more energy-- and I'm happy to say my energy levels have gone way up, in addition to dropping pounds and seeing my fitness improve leaps and bounds. Workouts with Nicole usually revolve around short burst of different exercises, so you never get bored and the time passes quickly. I find myself looking forward to our sessions and voluntarily signing up for weekend morning group workouts--I couldn't have seen that happening a year ago!" - Bess Newman

"I started training with Nicole over 3 years ago after a friend encouraged me to join a small training group to help me get in shape for my daughters wedding. I hadn't exercised in years, was incredibly out of shape, and very hesitant to join, BUT, I was SO happy I did! I dropped one dress size before the wedding and once I started, I have never stopped! Nicole really mixed up the training session, so you're never bored with doing the same thing. She also gives options for exercises so you can do what YOU are capable of. Fast forward to 3-years later, my son is getting married (my future daughter in law also joins the sessions!) and I have gone down yet another dress size! Additionally, I can feel how much I have improved my strength and endurance working out and in day to daily life. I highly recommend Nicole."-Liz Crabtree

"Training with Nicole is the best investment I have ever made in myself. Before I started working out with Nicole, I could never seem to get into a regular fitness routine. A hectic work schedule made making time for myself a big challenge, and despite my best efforts, many days my gym clothes were left untouched. I was lethargic, sick throughout the winter and overall feeling down. Fast forward to this year and my heath has made a complete 180, my clothes fit better and I have more energy and endurance. Nicole's workouts are personally tailored, constantly evolving and never boring. Always receptive to feedback, she adjusts my workouts as my fitness levels and goals shift. My workouts and Nicole's encouragement help me make healthier choices all around." - Caroline Dehaan

"I have been training with Nicole for over 4 years. I know my endurance, strength and overall fitness have improved greatly since working with her. She always keeps me challenged and motivated with a positive attitude. She makes each session fun! I would recommend Nicole in a heartbeat to help achieve your fitness goals!" - Gale Kieback

"Nicole is a phenomenal trainer who brings so much energy and passion to each and every session. I've been training with Nicole for about a month now (personal training and group training in the park) and I feel so much better overall. Energy levels have improved, my core is stronger, I feel stronger and I am feeling comfortable in my clothes again. Nicole is top-notch and professional. She is always on time to training sessions, encouraging, and makes every training session fun and enjoyable! Her workouts are innovative and customized which I love. I would HIGHLY recommend Nicole to anyone!" - Ashley Zekoff

"I began working with Nicole roughly 7 weeks after I became a first-time mom. With her training, guidance, and overall support as a dedicated professional, I lost 45 lbs of the weight I gained throughout pregnancy in 14 weeks! While the lbs. dropped are something I am proud of, what I am most appreciative of from working with her is the coaching around a LIFESTYLE of health and fitness. She pushed me to work my hardest in our training sessions and supported me outside of them as well. She challenged me to have discipline around what I eat while also encouraging me to treat myself in moderation. I have never toned so much so fast with any other trainer while feeling GOOD about myself throughout the whole process. As a new mom, it was really difficult for me to adjust and understand my new body and working with Nicole gave me a new sense of self and confidence I didn't know I had in me. My friends and family members are constantly complimenting me on my figure now and I owe it all to Nicole. If you can't already tell, I am a superman of her work and one happy (previous and current) client!" - Monica Hitchcock

"Nicole’s expertise has proven invaluable to me; her training is instrumental in the achievement of my personal training goals. In addition she helped me continue a training program through a knee injury that assisted in maintaining  my mobility and strengthening my knee." -Mary Lopez

"Nicole is amazing! I have worked with her for the past three+ years and I have never been more physically fit or stronger in my life. She pushes me forward and challenges me to meet my goals and picks me up when my motivation tank is low. I could not ask more from a personal trainer. She is your girl for results!" -Suzie McIllvain

"Big into goal setting and executing, I was feeling like a "chump" after months had past and not taking any steps toward one of my main goals of 2015, get into better shape. Upon this realization, I took action and began personal training with Nicole 3x a week and rowing at IWO. My journey began in October. Fast forward 5 months, I have shed 10 total inches, greatly increased my physical strength and endurance, kicked a bad Diet Coke habit and continue to set and crush short and long term goals! Nicole has a unique talent of pushing and praising at just the right time. My measurements were important to me, but more than that, I'm a happier person, my mental focus has improved and best of all, I don't feel like a chump." -David Brown

"Nicole works with our group at our community clubhouse. She makes the classes fun as well as challenging. Nicole adjusts the classes to our level of fitness abilities. For people in the class who have physical limitations she provides modifications to the exercises. She adds variety to keep us stimulated and motivated to build on our performance. She is good at building rapport with our group. I would highly recommend Nicole." -Angie Dresie

"What I love about training at IWO is that as I have gotten older, I want to focus on certain parts of my body that don't look like they did in my 20's. Nicole has created a plan to help tone and strengthen those ares. Additionally, I work out with my husband and it is a great way for us to do something together especially when life gets so busy and its hard to find time to connect and have fun."- Sarah Brown

"Working out with Nicole as a trainer has been a great experience. She keeps everyone motivated and the workouts are never boring. I actually look forward to my workout sessions with Nicole! She really understands how to work any problem areas you may have. I have been focusing on my core and upper body and with Nicole's help have seen improvements in just 8 weeks. I highly recommend her as a trainer!" -Kelly Horton

"We have known Nicole for the last two years as a group instructor at “Its Working Out” and as a private instructor for the last 6 months. We have found her to be one of the most dedicated teachers we have ever known. She is very knowledgeable in the field of physical training and is an effective communicator. Every time we are scheduled with her she is prepared with a very original and challenging program. She is totally committed to her students. We are very happy to have found her and suggest her services to all of our friends." -Alfonzo Lopez

"For the past year and a half our group has done Pilates with Nicole. She is a very creative instructor and adapts many exercises to fit our needs and limitations. She keeps us motivated and on task. I feel that I have strengthened my core as I don't suffer with back problems any longer. She constantly has new moves, demonstrates them well, and does the workout with us. Nicole always is interested in our input and feedback. It is an enjoyable Pilates hour." -Joanne Bissinger

"I love working out with Nicole. She always has great workouts planned, and is very receptive to feedback. She carefully considers what my workout goals are, and changes and adapts the workouts to work on my weaknesses. She is extremely available and willing to answer any questions about diet, exercise, health, nutrition, anything!" -Allison Kendal

"Nicole is a very talented and well trained Pilates instructor and the best part - she comes to us at our neighborhood community center. We are a group of women who have lived full lives and who want to stay healthy and fit. She has high expectations for us - maybe more than we have for ourselves! She is able to work us hard while considering any individual limitations we might have. She is conscientious about making adjustments where necessary so everyone can participate to her best ability. Her classes are fun and she is the best advertisement for being active, physically fit and healthy. We work hard, laugh a lot and we keep coming back!"  -Kathy Coogan

Nicole has been a great trainer. She was able to motivate me on my days were I just wasn't feeling it. Every workout is different so it always keeps your body working hard. I've also done some TRX classes with her, you'll never leave the class without breaking a sweat." -Princessa Olivera

"Working out with Nicole is fun and the time goes by quickly. Workouts are varied and never the same. I see Nicole once a week but I incorporate techniques learned in my daily activities." -Rita Barnet